From a young age, Quirien has been fascinated by martial arts such as Teakwondo, Kempo and different styles of Kung Fu. At 18, he started teaching not only martial arts, but many other fitness disciplines, including Body Pump, Body Combat and Spinning. 


Arriving in Hanoi early 2016, he soon decided he wanted to start teaching here as well. Now, with over 17 years of experience in sports, he is teaches Pump, Interval Training, and Xpinning at The Fitness Village.


He believes that no matter the goal you have in sports, whether it is to improve health, to shape up, or for medical reasons, it should always be fun too. Group fitness doesn’t only mean fun, it also provides an excellent environment for everyone to get the most out of training in a dynamic and safe way.


Classes: AMRAP, Interval TrainingXpinning, Pump

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