Not a member?

150,000 VND - gym 

210,000 VND - class 

240,000 VND - class + gym/ or class + pool/ or gym + pool

270,000 VND - class + gym + pool

1,500,000 VND - 10 Class Pass 
(Can be used at The Fitness Village and valid for gym sessions)


Going on holiday? We offer an on-hold program so you don't have to pay for the days that you are away! Just make sure you email us at least 1 DAY before going away. 


Terms and Conditions:


- Members can only put their membership on hold for a minimum of 7 days.

- There is NO on-hold program for 1 month memberships.

- Members with 3 month memberships will receive a 15-day on-hold allowance.

- Members with 6 month memberships will receive a 40-day on-hold allowance.

- Members with 9 month memberships will receive a 60-day on-hold allowance.

- Members with 12 month memberships will receive a 85-day on-hold allowance.

- Members MUST put their membership on hold by sending an email to RECEPTION@THEFITNESSVILLAGE.VN  at least 1 day prior to the beginning of the on-hold period. Please remember to say how many days you wish to put your membership on hold for.

- E-mails sometimes get lost, so you must have a confirmation email from us to confirm that your membership has been put on hold. If you do not receive a confirmation email after sending an on-hold request, please email us again or contact us on Facebook.

- Members CANNOT put their membership on hold at reception. It can only be done over email.

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