Champion Dash is Vietnam’s biggest and most intense obstacle race. Gather your mates to conquer walls, swing across monkey bars and heave sandbags as you push forward to victory. The Fitness Village is the only gym in Hanoi to provide specifically designed Champion Dash training classes with internationally certified fitness instructors.


Champion Dash Interval 

Free for Bamboo members

180,000VND drop-in


Our Champion Dash Interval classes take place in our main studio and are designed to boost your fitness levels to prepare for the race ahead. The classes combine resistance exercises with cardio in a way that reflects how the obstacles are spaced out at Champion Dash. This is an intense interval training class that will improve your fitness, but you don’t have to be taking part in Champion Dash in order to join the class.

Champion Dash TRACK 

Free for Bamboo members

180,000VND drop-in

(not available under the free trial program)


Our Champion Dash Track classes take place outside with obstacles similar to those that you’ll come across on the day. Climb ropes, hoist sandbags, conquer walls and swing across monkey bars in what is as close to the real thing as you can get! We’ve had all our obstacles specifically made for Champion Dash training – no other gym can prepare you like we can. Just as with the Champion Dash Interval classes, even those that are not joining the Champion Dash are welcome to join. Note that if there is heavy rain, Champion Dash Track will move inside and become Champion Dash Interval.


Our Champion Trainers are internationally certified personal and group trainers. They are here not only to train you up for the race, but also to make sure you stay safe and have fun



Matthias obtained his certification in personal training and group training in Germany. Originally from Austria, he’s been living in Hanoi for 4 years but remains deeply passionate about mountain sports and other outdoor activities from his native country.


“I love mountains and climbing so my favorite obstacles are the ones that take you off the ground, such as heaven bells and monkey bars. During the event last year, I noticed that too many participants struggle with these exercises usually due to a lack of upper body strength and poor technique. My goal is to help people in my classes with these kinds of obstacles, as well as improving their fitness levels.”



Chris is originally from the UK and he's been personal training in Hanoi for 2 and a half years. A fitness enthusiast for as long as he can remember, he's been working in the fitness industry for over 7 years. He holds various qualifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.


“I’ve been participating in – and training people for – obstacle course races for many years. I began training people for obstacle course races back in the UK and continued here in Hanoi with the Champion Dash. I’ve also participated in all three of the races that have taken place in Vietnam and feel that my knowledge of the event is second to none.” 

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